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Gardini Picanti – Indoor & outdoor garden urns furniture supplier Philippines

Enhance the elegance and aesthetics of your outdoor/indoor space with Gardini Picanti’s wonderful collection of urn planters. Select from a variety of elegant outdoor planters and urns perfect for making your garden more lively and pretty. Urns are more decorative type of planter. garden urn adds a touch of formality to container gardens used to flank porch steps, doors or simply to adorn a patio.

You will truly love the different styles and designs of outdoor urn and planters that will surely add depth and beauty to your garden area. From the classic santurino urn to amphora urn, you can pick something that will complement and add to the aesthetics of your place. Gardini Picanti also have garden urn and pedestals for sale such as medici urn and tivissa urn. These urns has intricate designs scrolled around the entire pot that adds a completely different element to your garden area.

So what are you waiting for? Go and take a look at this section to find and view the urns that you can put anywhere, in the entrance of your home, patio, porch area, and in your garden. These urns are also durable and weather-resistant so they will aged beautifully and will make a classical aged appeal making it a good investment for your garden.



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