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Gardini Picanti – Outdoor garden planters furniture supplier Philippines

Worried that you don’t have enough plot of dirt to use? Why don’t you use garden planter? Gardini Picanti has an extensive range of pots and planters in varying sizes, shapes and colors, from the large Greek-inspired Poros olive jar to the square Capri Planters. All stone items are designed to weather over time to give a classical aged appeal. These pots and planters are not only weather resistant, but they are also incredibly durable.

Another pro of having planters is because it is easy and ready to use, and you have complete control of your soil, unlike planting in the ground. Gardini Picanti’s selection of Large outdoor planters like Cotswold Stone Planter is great for modern gardens. They add a stone-like element to any outdoor garden area. Garden planter box such as Piazza Planter, Oasis, and Capri Planter are a modern and contemporary touch to your garden while planters like Keswick, Omega, and Jelna Planter add beauty and grace to any outdoor space.

Gardini Picanti’s collection of garden planters is a wonderful choice that is perfect for home, park, hospitals, courtyard, businesses or any outdoor and indoor landscaping design and decorative garden areas that will last and look great for years to come.



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